The Weird Life Of Molly (how I remember it)



Hello, kind reader! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

I've been thinking for a while about the weird instances and characters I've come across in my life as if my life were a big book. Of course I have each individual family members as major supporting characters in the Weird Life of Molly.
I'm talking more about more the quirky, memorable, non-blood related people who have stumbled into and out of my life and make it more interesting. I want to introduce them to you. 

First, I must say just for the sake of saying, I just watched a documentary on how memory is constantly changing. That our brains, no matter how hard we try to get every detail right, change things as the years go by. With that little nugget of documentary info clinking around in my brain I present to you two facts of what I will write about:

1) the-exact-every-detail-god's-honest-truth-this-is-exactly-how-it-happened 

to all the way on the other side of the spectrum

 2) how-I-remember-the-situation-some-details-may-be-sketchy-but-overall-this-is-how-it-happened.

Keep in mind, folks, I am a Libra. In love with love and artful things. A creative soul and an admirer of the beauty of words telling a story. English was one of the few classes I didn't skip, but for the life of me, I still can't nail down perfect grammar and sentence structure. If you can deal then keep on reading, my friend. If poor sentence structure makes you cringe and shrivel up into a sobbing mess then it's best you move on, stranger. 

With that said, I assure you every person I tell you about is/was, indeed, a real person in my life and every life situation has happened to me. 
Welcome to the Weird Life of Molly (how I remember it).

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