10,000 cuff bracelets- The Weird Life of Molly

Today I've figured I've handmade approximately 15,000 items to date between my retail and wholesale orders. 
That's a crazy number to me and almost an incomprehensible grinder in my head. 
Cuff bracelets are by far my best seller and I figure I've sold around 10,000 now. Wow. Grinder again. I've cranked out 10,000 freaking cuff bracelets! woah! No wonder I'm nuts! ha! ha!
Hummm... how to illustrate this to my husband/friends when I get stuck in an occasional full on stress freak out?? (Thankfully it doesn't happen too often.) So my mind wandering self recently thought, "How much space would 10,000 cuff bracelets take up?". 
And there is was. A challenge to myself. The bane of every artist's life.... math. I had to do some math. God help me.

So here I am now, math done. My straight hair has mysteriously gone curly in the span of 8 minutes and my right eye is twitching some sort of Morse code direct from my brain but I'm pleased to announce I have come up with the answer. 

I can fit 125 cuff bracelets in 1 square foot and 10,000 cuff bracelets would take up 80 square feet. 

What does 80 square feet look like, you ask? 
Well, let me show you, my friend.

My sold cuff bracelets, stacked one on top of another, would fill this dude's weird little apartment in Manhattan...

...with 250 to spare to give to his cool interior designer friends:

If my sold cuffs were were individual Legos I could make a life sized Han Solo frozen in carbonite like this fellow did:
 10,000 piece Lego Han Solo

Hold your horses now folks! I'm on a roll...

Would you believe I could throw a sold cuff into every lake in my home state? You betcha:

I could have outfitted every one of Natalie Merchant's tribal bow wielding maniacs if I time traveled back to 1987:

If my cuffs were words it would take 33 completed pages to finish the God forsaken 10,000 word essay task:
(As you can see she is wearing a souvenir scrunchie I brought back from my 1987 time travel expedition.)

If my sold cuffs were pounds it would be the average weight of a female African elephant:

If my sold cuffs were equivalent to joints I'm fully confident Willie would've smoked 'em all in 4.2 days. 
(I used math on this one too, stoners) 

If my sold cuff bracelets = years ago 
this would be going on:

And lastly, and probably my most favorite, if my cuffs were miles I would be able to fly to Hawaii, high five my best friend who lives there now, kiss her adorable baby, eat a couple mangoes, hop a plane back to snowy Minnesota....

...and make some more bracelets.

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